GRACIOUSROOTS.NET is constantly scouring the Southern Appalachians to curate the best of our Southern Highlands. We came across this lovely piece of our history and simply couldn't wait to share with our readers - YUM! (Let us know how your 'stack cake' turned out in the COMMENTS below)

Pinned on December 9, 2017 by unnamed author

"One uniquely Appalachian food concoction from days gone by is a layer cake known as the stack cake or apple stack cake. You don't see them very often anymore but they were once a staple of holidays and celebrations throughout Appalachia. We had a special request to do this post and are happy to oblige. 

The layers of a stack cake are made from a mix using standard ingredients such as flour, eggs, and buttermilk. Often, sorghum molasses is used as a sweetener instead of refined sugar. Each layer of the cake is made in a similar size and appearance to a pancake. As each finished layer is placed on the cake plate, the cook will then use apple butter or a similar, usually apple-based, substitute to spread on top to get ready for the next layer until the final layer is placed on top. A finished stack cake usually has between 6 and 8 layers to it.

Long ago, stack cakes were often used for marrying couples in Appalachia as a substitute for a more traditional (and more expensive) wedding cake. Friends and family would each come bringing a layer to help build up the stack. The bride's family would then spread the apple butter between each layer as the stack was built up. It was said that the popularity of the couple could be determined by the height of the finished cake - the more friends and family attending the wedding led to a larger cake.

My mother has made many a stack cake in my lifetime and I would rank them near the top of my list of favorite desserts. They are not overly sweet so you can quickly overindulge before you know it (trust me). Christmas is a great time to make one for family so hopefully this post will help some of you feed the army of people invading your home. - Shane Simmons

Have you enjoyed a slice or made one of these stack cakes? I posted pics of a couple recipes but they might be hard to read so I will post another in the comments below."