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1st Theme: Highland Living

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GR  asks our readers to creatively respond via writing, interviews, or photography to a new topic every issue. Topics are intentionally broad in order to give room for expression. Writing style isn’t as important as thoughtfulness, creativity and originality.

Because of space limitations, we’re unable to print all the submissions we receive. We encourage freedom of expression, but limit written responses to max. 250 words. We reserve the right to edit, but contributors have the opportunity to approve or disapprove of editorial changes prior to publication. (If you don’t want to be contacted regarding the editing of your work, please let us know.)

Please include your email address so we can say thank you.  

Email your submissions to highlandvoices@graciousroots.net Because we must wait until the last minute to make our final selections, we are unable to answer questions regarding the status of submissions. If your piece is going to appear, you’ll hear from us prior to publication.

You can also email us to suggest a topic.

Upcoming Topics:                                                              Deadline:

Tall Tales                                                                   September 15

Color                                                                        October 15

Over the river & through the woods                         November 15                                            


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