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Fall is one of the best times of year to wet a line here in Western NC. The brown trout and brookies are feeding up to spawn, the leaves are turning the mountains into 

a magical display of colors, and there is just enough nip in the air to make spending the day on the water a very special experience. 

We're going through a little warm spell right now, but it looks like we only have about a week of these temperatures. On cloudy days be on the look out for Blue Winged Olives to hatch; which, basically will carry on through out the winter.  These are small bugs in the 18 - 22 size range. On just about any day this time of year you can see midges hatching as well....again small 20 - 24 size range. Big October Caddis hatching and they hatch especially toward the evening, but the trout are looking up for them all day because that's a BIG meal. 

There is no better time to chunk a big  streamer in search of a big brown trout.....especially after a rain shower to murky the water a bit. They'll be a good option from now all the way to about Christmas. The big fish are starting to venture out of their hideaways to go out searching to feed heavily. 

Water temperatures are good and water levels are good for the Fall. 

If you're into Small Stream Brook Trout?

Those guys are covered in spots! They are as pretty as they will get ALL SEASON! (We're seeing really bright orange, especially on the males) A GOOD TIME TO BE OUT ON THE WATER