It's been a busy Spring so far on the water. We're starting to get into our later spring bugs. The water conditions couldn't be better; in fact, the water is probably on the high side of things due to consistent early spring rains. We've been seeing a multitude of bugs currently: March Browns, Hendricksons, and Cattis but going into May will be the transition to Sulphers, Apple Caddis.

THE BIG DRAW for May is going to be the Green Drake Hatch starting. Some would say the Drake hatch is the pinnacle of the sport in the Southern Highlands. Witnessing the Green Drake Hatch is almost unbelievable. You will also see a bunch of Yellow Sallies (sp?), little stoneflies and larger Golden stoneflies in May. 

One of the best months of the year to fish for sure. If you're looking to see the bugs do their thing, you need to eat an early dinner and be on the water for the last few hours of daylight! 


Make sure and look at the water levels before you fish each day. The lakes are overly full at present, so don't let an unexpected water release catch you by surprise.