March 2018 Fishing Report

By Brookings Anglers

The beginning of March brings the restocking of all the streams by the state. The last day for the stocking effort will be March 7th. That replenishes what they started stocking in October and November. (The delay harvest started in Novermber and ends the first Saturday in June.) They have stocking periods at the beginning of March, the beginning of April and the beginning of May. There are a lot of area streams that receive fish. Some receive more fish than others as it depends on the size of the stream. We've gotten a lot of rain  in the mountains and are a little higher than normal. Anytime you are fishing in the Southern Highlands, it's prudent to check USGS water flows to make sure conditions are safe before setting out. 

The fish are happy! We've seen some good hatches coming off already - Quill Gordons, some Blue Quills popping off, which is a little bit early, but we've had a little bit warmer than average temperatures. As we progress into early Spring and then into Summer, we only see that the bug activity will be even stronger with the increase in water level this year as compared to the past few years. We're expecting a SUPER fishing season because of the larger amount of water in our streams. Just get out there and try a variety of flies. The nymphs are going to work best. As we get into the warmer parts of April and May, that's when we're going to see some really good hatches popping off. Of course all of the fishing is dependent on water temperature, and water levels; however, you can't catch them sitting on the couch! 

We've had a relatively easy winter as September was the coldest month so far, which is usually not the case a the coldest weather usually shows up in January and February. Knock on wood and Beware the Ides of March as Shakespeare says because snow and cold temps could still show up.