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The movie stole the show winning 4 Golden Globes including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress Frances McDormand, and Best Supporting Actor Sam Rockwell. But it was the picturesque mountain town of Sylva, North Carolina that was the backdrop to this impressive film. Next up, Screen Actors Guild Awards!


NC Women in Agritourism Film Debuts

North Carolina State University - Dr. Carla Barbieri, Associate Professor in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, discusses the important role and impact of women in agritourism in this short 10-minute documentary.  

Featured farmers include Sandra Sarlinga of Piemonte Farm, Mandie and Jane Boahn of Raised in a Barn Farm, Tina Gross of Gross Farms and Susan Ward of Brothers On Farms (Hayesville, NC & North Georgia).

Women in Agritourism image.jpg
Make no mistake, women are the driving force in AGRITOURISM. Discover the impact women farmers are making in the industry. 
This film highlights the impact women farmers are making through their agritourism businesses in North Carolina. NC's Women in Agritourism was produced in partnership with See It All Media as part of an engaged research project by NC State University. To learn more, visit: