Favorite Appalachian Sayings



February 26, 2019- by Tipper Pressley

I’m sharing some of my favorite old sayings with you today. I hope you’ll leave a comment and add to the list.

  • That dog won’t hunt

  • If that don’t make your wood burn nothing will

  • Your milk of human kindness has turned to bonnie clabber

  • She threw more out the back door than her man could tote in the front

  • As poor as a bear that wintered up in the Balsams

  • Weddin’ without courtin is like vittles without salt

  • Beauty never made the kettle sing

  • Never get your horse in a place where you can’t turn around

  • I ain’t been in his shoes and I can’t gauge his footsteps

  • It’s never to late to mend

  • Where’s there’s bees there’s honey

  • What can’t be cured must be endured

  • Don’t miss her no more than a cold draft after the door’s shut

  • He’d buy a load of cord wood to peddle out in hell if you’d give him till Christmas to pay for it

  • Sit down and rest yourself, settin’s cheaper’n standin’

  • Lookin’ like the hind wheels o’ destruction

Vibrant descriptive wisdom filled language = Appalachia