Early September:  The Hatches are getting kind of light but we’re still seeing some yellow Sallys late in the evening and various hatches of midges during the day depending on what water you’re on. 




Terrestrials! (Large) especially after a good rain knocks some of the bugs into the water: 

    •    Inch worms - a San Juan Worm is hard to beat.

    •     Beetles

    •     Ants

Attractor patterns: 

    •    Parachute Adams

    •    Stimulaters 

    •    Elk Hair Caddis - for dry flies

    •    Some crane flies are around depending on the day. 

    •    With water levels a little low, you want to fish longer leaders to stay off the fish a little bit (getting a little spooky); which may change with a little bit of rain. 

    •    Overall water temps are good. We're starting to see some really mild nights down into the 50s with highs in the low 70s - that means the trout are getting happy again, feeding throughout the day. 

    •    The daytime high temperatures will hit sporadically this time of year, so when the temp is up, bring your best morning game

    •    If the water temperature stays below 70 degrees, trout will feed most of the day. 

    •    Fish the smaller streams and high elevation streams. These will be fishing better than the bigger rivers that lack whole lot of shade canopy. 

    •    Not dependent on a certain region currently, rather more elevation based. Higher elevation streams (3,000 feet and above) are definitely fishing a lot better than the lower elevation trout streams because of the cooler water.  



Fish have sensitive internal organs, so hold them lightly and without squeezing. Avoid placing your hand over their mouth and gills as it obstructs breathing. With larger fish, grip the tail wrist with an "A-OK" finger formation and gently support the body under the front fins. Source: Keepemwet Fishing