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Asheville Mardi Gras Parade

  • South Slope Asheville, NC (map)

This year's theme is "Wild, Wild Asheville." So think wild west, wild animals, wild women or just plain getting wild! As always, the theme is just a helpful little nudge. You can feel free to incorporate it into your costume or krewe, or simply let your imagination run "wild" and show off your creativity in any way you see fit.

Members March!
While anyone is welcome to march in the parade, at least one representative of each krewe MUST be a member of Asheville Mardi Gras. Keep in mind that the only way the parade survives is through membership support, so if more than one person joins up -- we would certainly appreciate it! To become a member, CLICK HERE. And, speaking of krewes ...

Join a Krewe!
You’re welcome to march solo, or with a group of your friends as part of a krewe. You may even be able to join one of our existing krewes! All we ask is that you dress up, show up and bring some goodies like candy or beads to hand out to the parade attendees.

Parade Route
Parade participants will line up along Federal Alley from between 1 PM and 2 PM on March 3. The parade will then step off at its traditional time of 3:05 PM and head east on Hilliard Ave before turning south on Coxe Ave. The parade will then continue east on Banks Ave, turn briefly south on Church St., then west on Buxton Ave. and back to Federal Alley to finish up.

Full parade details and krewe information can be seen on our website: