Editor’s Note

 Winter Holidays 2018

As some of you may know personally and others by the gaping omission of content recently on GraciousRoots, the images below are somewhat self-explanatory. Unfortunately, a drunk driver hit us while we were out collecting stories from interesting neighbors in our southern highlands. No-one thankfully suffered permanent injuries, and all will go on with their lives after recovery.

Hey, it’s no secret that we enjoy our libations, but with each glass comes responsibility. There always has been a simple solution:

All We Want for Christmas?.png

“Nothing happens unless first we dream” -Carl Sandburg

Welcome to the Premiere of GraciousRoots.net! The idea of an online magazine was conceived many years ago and only recently has the opportunity to follow my dream materialized. The catalyst for my vision of GR sprung from tireless longing to be back in my native Southern Appalachians while we - my wife and two sons - were living in New England. Although I very much enjoyed the Northern Appalachians, it was the combination of elements: Flora, fauna, high peaks, and the people of my native Southern Highlands that continued to pull at my heart strings. 

Here is where you get involved!       

Our passion here at GR is to collect, select and present the best of the Appalachian lifestyle in all its forms. To more thoroughly find the stories, people and "goings on" WE NEED YOU. Contact GR and let us know what’s going on in your slice of heaven. We will work tirelessly to ignite your passion in word, picture, video, music, events, history, and goods from the area we love. 

Let me pause here to give a big THANK YOU to my family and the many friends who have actively supported the creation of GraciousRoots. I'm ever so thankful for you all. 

In this first issue we begin what we hope to be a long, meaningful and certainly enjoyable journey. I invite you to engage with us here at GraciousRoots.net. It is impossible for us at GR to find everything exciting, new, unique, special, et cetera in the Southern Appalachians. Let us know what makes our area so special to you, and don’t shy away from contacting us to tell us where we need to look next to find the best of the Appalachian lifestyle. 

Don’t forget to say hello when you see us on the trail or on the street. 

Scott Hargrove Haire 



Say hello to RecDog, my constant companion, gifted with the ability to judge a good thing when he hears it or conversely a real stinker.

“Rec” received his name many years ago when I was the Exec. Director of a large Recreation Center. His first name (lasting less than 24 hours?) was Woodrow. It was there at the "Rec Center" that the children renamed him the first day he came to work with me.