Being Less Southern at the Globe

The Groundling View

The Groundling View

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Actor André Holland (Castle Rock, Moonlight, Selma) is from Bessemer, Alabama, and right now he’s performing Othello at the Globe in London. In a radio interview I heard, he described what it’s like to be asked to be “less Southern” for the Shakespearean stage:

“... I find [it] to be complicated,” he said. “Where I'm from ... you know, my grandparents, my parents are capable of expressing some pretty complex and beautiful ideas in their own way - you know? - and in their own sort of language or dialect, if you will.

I called and spoke to my father today. I said, how you doing? And he said, well, if I had your hand, I believe I'd throw mine in.

Or other times I might say, how are you doing, man? He say, well, I can’t kill nothing and look like won’t nothing die. That’s perfect iambic, you know? And that’s just the rhythm that we communicate in, and I feel like that has as much a place on the Globe stage, or any stage, as does any kind of well-spoken, well-trained, perfectly delivered sort of mid-Atlantic sound.”