The Village of West Greenville, South Carolina is by every definition, an artisan community. Home to the Greenville Center for Creative Arts, and to sundry artists working with a multitude of mediums. The good vibes are palpable. (of food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients.

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Two artisans who are passionate about making healthy, wholesome, delicious foods for YOUR palate. Using traditional methods, and high-quality ingredients.




Perfect example: A new customer comes through the door having heard about Naked Pasta. Started by a friend, Julie Jenkins in 2013. Julie had a full-time job she wanted to keep and decided to sell Naked Pasta two years ago. She asked Christina and her husband, Brett Barest who said yes in March of 2017. Since then Christina has been elevating the recipes, and the fresh vegetables are as local as possible along with the meats from local farms.

Naked Pasta is the sole source for fresh pasta in the Upstate. If you haven’t tried the ease of cooking and the incredible flavor difference of fresh pasta, you’re missing something. While living in Boston for a few years, I often heard the saying in the Italian district ‘once you go fresh you never go back to box.’

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On occasion, Naked Pasta and Revival Butchery collaborate on ideas, and Jeremy seasons all of the pork sausage for Christina’s Italian sausage.

Doing something cool and fun has been a dream. Now I get to have fun, meet nice people, play with food, and I don’t have to work in a restaurant.
— Rachel Barrest

Bestsellers? Easily the lasagna. The lasagna is so famous Christina is challenged to keep it in stock. The day I visited she was preparing one of the other big favorites - Vodka sauce. Flavor, flavor, and more flavor in the slow simmering sauce that’s not too heavy and not too light. Depending on your mood or occasion, there are many fresh Naked Pasta sauces to compliment any one of the fresh pasta options. Top Tip: A little fresh Parmesan (parmesan Reggiano if you have it) & quality olive oil (Oreno, local pure Olive Oil in Greenville) always tastes fantastic!






Jeremy Webb, Owner / Master Butcher, isn’t your average butcher. The key to his success comes from the master butchers who have shared and instructed him in the art of proper butchery passed down through the generations. Jeremy uses locally sourced meats, only from the finest, properly cared for animals are chosen.

Tomahawk Rib Chops

Custom butchery is at the forefront of the business. Most stores are not processing their own meats, arriving pre-cut in small pieces. At Revival Butchery, customers aren’t forced to select what's put out before them in a refrigerated supermarket shelf. Say you want to make an old European family recipe that calls for a specific cut not found anywhere. You can walk into Revival Butchery, talk to Jeremy and he will source the item and then cut it to the needed specifications. In general, the lag time for sourcing a request is no more than a day or two due to Jeremy’s relationships with local farms, etc. The answer is always Yes says Jeremy. Prime example, Christina Barest (Naked Pasta) who shares the building with Revival Butchery, grew up in Chicago, Il. She tells the story of her uncle who swears “Jeremy’s polish sausage is better than the polish sausage he gets in Chicago, and he’s Polish from the South Side.” At Revival Butchery you get precisely what you’re looking for.

Prime Rib Filets

Jeremy was taught the old time proven methods, the brain trust by butchers who are retired or have now passed. Those connections are vital to the name Revival Butchery, meaning reviving and keeping the trade as well as the artisan aspect of it going forward. Those that came before handed down a specialized skill set to Jeremy when he was seventeen. He’s thirty-five now, a passion for most of his adult life and still growing.

If the OPEN sign is on, we’re OPEN!
— Jeremy Webb

Scott Haire, April 3, 2019