It all started when...

My Scottish Highlander (Clan Cunningham) and English ancestors emigrated to the Southern Appalachian mountains, which was then considered the western frontier of North America. But that's a story for another day lads and lasses. For more information about how GR came together, you may enjoy reading the Editor's Note. 

Quite simply, GraciousRoots.net is proudly and editorially Southern Appalachian. We understand that our future is nourished by our Roots, growing and blooming as a hardscrabble, "give you the shirt off their back" people unified to appreciate, protect and share the flora, fauna, waters, and mountains we so love. 

GraciousRoots.net merely attempts to curate the lifestyle and arts emanating from our magical Southern Highlands. We invite you to participate in this journey by communicating your hidden gems, stories, images, events, etc. As my grandfather, Tommy Smathers liked to say "When the hay is in the barn, then we'll sit a spell." There you have it - when the hay is up, come on over to GraciousRoots.net and sit a spell under the shade tree with us and relax.